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The Pursuit of Peace

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

On top of the COVID crisis, people are dealing with a myriad of other drama's at the moment. Mental fatigue is having a knock-on effect, even to the point of making people physical ill. There seems to be a new thing to deal with every week!

So, I'm going to start posting short, punchy, encouragements around our spiritual health.

Let me explain why, and share where I'm coming from.

As with all of you, I've plenty of reasons to be overwhelmed. This lock-down in Australia means I'm pretty much 100% out of work. I've no good idea as to where I'm going to get my next paycheck. There's dramas in the extended family on both sides: fighting, arguments, a lawsuit even. You know - all the usual stuff!

But hand on heart, I'm experiencing an amazing peace! Not just calm, I have a joy, every morning I have this bubbling of happiness welling up within me. And so I want to share with you that. My hope is that I can help you find that as well.

Seriously, I want to be an alternative. So many videos on social media are angry at the moment. It's like we've collectively set our souls on fire! I want to offer you another way.

The origin of what I'm going to share comes from the bible; ideas that have completely transformed who I am. Now don't switch off at the word 'bible'. The humble bible, the oldest book in the world, chronicles man's interactions with the spirit realm. It's the ultimate wiki, mankind's 4000 plus year journey to know God. There is no resource like it!

I'm so passionate about the subject I've written my own book, The Guardian Universe. It was written for the same purpose, so from time I'll borrow material from it to share with you. If you want to check it out you can find it at

So, when you see me pop up in your feed from here on in, you know why I'm there. I'm not going to be talking politics, vaccines or social justice. There are others better suited to that than me. I want to help you find peace. I want to help you be healthy, in the midst of your storm.

See you soon.


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